100 Days to Inspire Respect

Middle and high school teachers are in need of easy-to-use resources that encourage their students to examine some of the most difficult but important topics: hate, racism, intolerance and xenophobia.
Modeled after the aggressive 100-day agenda initiated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt when he took office in 1933, “100 Days to Inspire Respect” will provide teachers of civics, history, English and other subjects new thought-provoking resources each day for 100 days from the Education Department at USC Shoah Foundation that address these challenging topics and more.
The initiative will run from Jan. 20 through April 29.

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Language: English

Drawing from testimonies of survivors from not only the Holocaust, but also genocides that occurred in Rwanda, China, Armenia and Guatemala, 100 Days to Inspire Respect will also include activities on xenophobia, multiple perspectives, and the “othering” of certain groups, among other themes.

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  • Jennifer Goss
    As educators, we are asked to help our students effectively process the outcome of our elections and the implications it may have in their communities. In doing so, we need to find ways to provide them a safe and supportive place to understand their changing roles.