International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance

Members of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance in Amsterdam, June 2011The USC Shoah Foundation Institute’s Executive Director and Managing Director, Stephen D. Smith and Kim Simon, are members of the US delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, formerly known as the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Remembrance, Research and Education. The Alliance is an intergovernmental body founded in 1998 by former Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson as an intergovernmental body whose purpose is to place political and social leaders' support behind the need for Holocaust education, remembrance, and research nationally and internationally.

The Alliance is made up of delegations from 28 countries; membership is open to any country on the basis of their adherence to the Stockholm Declaration on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research of January 28, 2000.

The USC Shoah Foundation Institute has been a member of the U.S. delegation to the Alliance since 2004. Smith sits on the Academic Working Group; Simon sits on the Communications Working Group.

The Alliance holds semi-annual meetings; each year, one country is the host country for those meetings. In 2011, the Netherlands is serving as the host country. The first meeting of 2012 was held from June 21 - 24; Kim Simon attended.