College Course Development

Case Study Highlight: The Visual History Archive in the Classroom

Faculty Name:
Colin Keaveney, Assistant Professor, French and Italian
Institution Name:
University of Southern California

Professor Keaveney’s upper level French course explores themes of love, loss, collective and personal memory, and modernity through readings of French literary texts, theoretical readings, films, poems, and songs. One of the texts used in the class is the French novel Dora Bruder, which tells the story of a young girl who was sent to Auschwitz. The book combines different aspects of memory, loss, life, chronology, and French history, and reconstructs what the girl’s life may have been like, even though very little is known about her.

List of courses taught around the world using archive testimony

A total of 630 courses at 59 universities have drawn upon the Institute’s testimonies in more than 25 academic disciplines. The courses demonstrate the range of topics and themes that the Institute’s archive of video testimonies can help illuminate. Use the table below to see what the trends are for testimony-enhanced courses taught at colleges and universities around the world.

Institution Course Title Department/Discipline Term Instructor
University of Southern California Darwin's Legacy: (R)evolutionary Theory's Cultural Impact Arts and Letters 2010 Spring Amy Parrish
University of Southern California The Holocaust in Literature and Film Arts and Letters 2012 Spring Wolf Gruner
University of Southern California Religion and Violence Religion 2015 Fall James Heft
University of Southern California Representing the Holocaust: Memory, History and National Identity Arts and Letters 2007 Spring Sharon Gillerman
University of Southern California The Holocaust Judaic Studies 2010 Spring Sharon Gillerman
University of Southern California Body, Mind, and Healing: Introduction to Medical Anthropology Anthropology 2013 Spring Erin Moore
University of Southern California Gender Conflict Across Cultural Contexts Gender Studies 2015 Fall Sherry Velasco
University of Southern California The Holocaust Judaic Studies 2007 Spring Sharon Gillerman
University of the Aegean Memory, History and Representation of the Second World War: The Destruction of the Jews of Europe Social Anthropology and History 2012 Spring Pothiti Hantzaroula
University of Thessaloniki From Jews of Greece to Greek Jews. Jews in the Greek nation-state, 1821-1960 History, Archaeology and Social Anthropology 2012 Summer Paris Papamichos-Chronakis
University of Toronto The Holocaust from 1942 History 2014 Fall Doris Bergen
University of Toronto The Holocaust: : Preconditions, Consolidation of Nazi Power, War, and Occupation (to 1942) History 2013 Fall Doris Bergen
University of Wisconsin Holocaust: History, Memory and Representation Jewish Studies 2015 Spring Rachel Brenner
Yale University European Bestsellers in Contemporary Fiction German Studies, Literature 2004 Spring Matthias Konzett
Yale University German Literatures of Resistance: 1945 to the Present German Studies, Literature 2004 Fall Matthias Konzett
Yale University History and Memory – The Whitney Seminar on European Identities History, Humanities 2004 Fall Jay Winter
Yale University Ornament and Crime in Cosmopolitan Vienna German Studies, Literature 2005 Spring Matthias Konzett
Yale University Visuality and Violence Women’s and Gender Studies, American Studies 2005 Spring Laura Wexler


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