Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Orli Robin

B.A. Creative Writing, Minor Judaic Studies, Minor Resistance to Genocide Studies, '15

"As an undergraduate fellow at the USC Shoah Foundation, I wish to utilize the archive to further explore the social and political manifestations of theological redemption. I foresee expanding my undergraduate honors thesis to include an array of fictional examples from Modernist literature, written primary and secondary sources, and audio-visual testimony. Discovering the link between poetic rising and political uprising, I am fascinated by the prospect of engaging with an archive of survivors incompatible with the ideology of Hitler’s Aryan Utopia, and thus examining the degree to which they resisted genocide, and rather than return to a world order of the past, sought instead a utopian vision of a new world to come."
Project: Research for honors thesis

Christina Schoellkopf

B.A. Broadcast and Digital Journalism, B.A. History, '15

"Through the education I have received as a history major with a thematic concentration in “Comparative Genocide and the Construction of Otherness,” I am eager to pursue an honors thesis about the role of the press as a “passive perpetrator” and “incautious bystander” during cases of mass violence. Thus, using the testimonies of survivors, such as Kizito Kalima and Francoise Muteteli, and aid providers, including Carl Wilkens and Roméo Dallaire, I can search for a deeper understanding from those who lived through it. By watching Kizito Kalima’s testimony and utilizing the index tool for “Radio Rwanda,” I can research how the radio in Rwanda gave orders that informed localized killings. I will use this same technique to research anti-Tutsi propaganda, discrimination, and prejudice in order to understand how anti-Tutsi-ideologies were circulated and consequently informed perpetrators.  I plan to use the testimonies of survivors, like Freddy Mutanguha, to understand how Tutsi individuals were separated as a group in local communities. Mutanguha shares his experience of anti-Tutsi education, anti-Tutsi measures and anti-Tutsi humiliation, which would help me tackle the overarching question of my history honors thesis: how are pre-genocidal ideologies constructed, institutionalized and perpetuated to the extent that they support the indiscriminate killing of men, women and children of a marginalized group?"

Project: Research for honors thesis