Center Newsletters

April, Genocide Awareness Month, is always busy at the Center, and this year was no exception. The month was full of events and lectures, and we continued our work providing Visual History Archive (VHA) introductions to classes at USC and to visiting scholars. The Center’s 2016 USC summer research fellows presented on various topics related to research projects they conducted using the VHA while in residence at the Center last summer. We also hosted a lecture by our 2016-2017 Center Research Fellow Alexander Korb (University of Leicester).

March at the Center was packed with talks, travel, and meetings with researchers and scholars. The Center’s Greenberg Research Fellow, Katja Schatte (PhD Candidate at University of Washington, Seattle), concluded her residency at the Center by giving a lecture on pre and post-reunification Jewish life in East Berlin from the late 1970s through the early 1990s. Near the end of the month, the Center welcomed the 2016-2017 Center for Advanced Genocide Research Fellow, Alexander Korb (University of Leicester).

February was a lively month at the Center as our research fellows continued their work, we held a public lecture, and continued our outreach on the USC campus and beyond.

The Center started the new year by welcoming a number of fellows who are incorporating testimonies from the Visual History Archive into their research and teaching. Texas A&M A.I. and Manet Schepps Foundation Teaching Fellow Tommy Curry visited the Center in order to prepare for introducing testimonies to his class on the criminalization and death of Black males. He plans to analyze sexual violence against men and boys during genocide in comparison to accounts of sexual violence against men and boys during slavery and Jim Crow.

It’s the end of another exciting and eventful year with lectures, conferences, visiting researchers, fellows, and international outreach. In this newsletter, we review this year’s highlights and accomplishments, providing links to articles and videos that will allow you to read and see more about the Center’s successful work in 2016.

This month, the Center for Advanced Genocide Research continued to support groundbreaking interdisciplinary research and to hold exciting events and lectures on the USC campus.

September has been a very exciting month at the Center. After months of preparation and anticipation, the first international conference dedicated to the genocide in Guatemala, co-organized by Center director Wolf Gruner und Victoria Sanford (CUNY), took place from September 11th to September 14th on the USC campus and at Villa Aurora.