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2018 Kristallnacht Conference Panel: Reactions in Print Media

Language: English

2018 Kristallnacht Conference Panel: Reactions in Print Media
2018 Kristallnacht Conference Panel: Protest in Germany and Abroad
2018 Kristallnacht Conference: Introductory Panel
2018 Kristallnacht Conference: Welcoming Remarks
Corpses of the Holocaust

In this lecture, Professor Jean-Marc Dreyfus (University of Manchester, UK) presents the first results of his research in the USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive regarding the treatment of corpses in the Holocaust.

The Killing Season: A History of the Indonesian Massacres, 1965-66

In this lecture, Professor Geoffrey Robinson (UCLA) discusses his newest book, The Killing Season. The Killing Season examines one of the largest and swiftest instances of mass killing and incarceration in the twentieth century—the shocking anti-leftist purge that gripped Indonesia in 1965–66, leaving some five hundred thousand people dead and more than a million others in detention.

American Dreams: Jewish Refugees and Chinese Locals in Post-World War II Shanghai

In this lecture, Kimberly Cheng aims to write Central European Jewish refugees back into the changing landscape of postwar Shanghai by examining the ways in which Jewish refugees and Chinese locals perceived and interacted with each other. In particular, she will explore the impact of the arrival of American forces on Sino-Jewish relations on the ground in the immediate postwar period.

Martina Kessel's Lecture "Performing Germanness: Laughter and Violence in Nazi Germany"

Martina Kessel's research examines the meaning and role of humor as an identity practice in Germany during the time of National Socialism in Germany. In this lecture, she explores the theory that non-Jewish Germans disguised violence as 'art' to justify their failure to comply with international or humanitarian beliefs.

Christopher Browning's Lecture on the Use of Testimony in Genocide Research

Christopher Browning, the 2018 Sara and Asa Shapiro Scholar in Residence at USC Shoah Foundation’s Center for Advanced Genocide Research, talks about the changing attitudes about witness testimony and how the process of gathering it has changed since the end of World War II.

Good Amidst Evil: Rescue During the Rwandan Genocide

Georgia State University professor Jennie Burnet lectures on the moment-by-moment changing landscape of the genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda that resists efforts to formulate a structural model of rescuer behavior.