The following list of publications using testimony from the Institute’s archive is not comprehensive. If you have an academic publication not listed here that used testimony from the archive, please contact us. We would love to acknowledge your work.

All Publications

Author Title Type Year
Thomas, Christopher Campbell

Compass, Square and Swastika: Freemasonry in the Third Reich. Diss. Texas A&M University, 2011.

PhD Dissertation 2011
Thompson, Ella Belzberg

Both Sides of the Interface: Building an Education Interface for a Digital Video Archive with an Interprofessional Group. Diss. University of California Santa Barbara, 2014.

PhD Dissertation 2014
Tinberg, Howard, and Weisberger, Ronald

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Teaching, Learning, and the Holocaust: An Integrative Approach. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2014.

Book 2014
Totten, Samuel, and Stephen Feinberg

Teaching and Studying the Holocaust. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 2001.

Book 2001
Traum, David, et al.

"New Dimensions in Testimony: Digitally Preserving a Holocaust Survivor’s Interactive Storytelling." Interactive Storytelling: 8th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, ICIDS 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 30 - December 4, 2015, Proceedings. Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing, 2015. 269-281.

Book 2015
USC Shoah Foundation

Testimony: The Legacy of Schindler's List and the USC Shoah Foundation. New York: NewMarket Press, 2014.

Book 2014
Van der Zanden, Christine E.

“Drops in the Ocean: Rescue Operations of Jews in Southern France and Hungary during the Holocaust.” The Holocaust: Essays and Documents. Ed. Randolph L. Braham. New York: Rosenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies, 2009. 159-216.

Article 2009
Van der Zanden, Christine E.

The Plateau of Hospitality: Jewish Refugee Life on the Plateau Vivarais-Lignon. Diss. Clark University, 2003.

PhD Dissertation 2003
Vershitskaya, Tamara

"Jewish Women Partisans in Belarus." Journal of Ecumenical Studies 46 (2011): 567-572.

Article 2011
Veselovska, Katerina

"Fear and Trembling: Annotating Emotions in Czech Holocaust Testimonies." LREC 2014 - 9th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, Proceedings. Paris: European Language Resources Association, 2014.

Book 2014
Vos, Chris

“De levende getuige. De opkomst van het egodocument in de Nederlandse audiovisuelegeschiedschrijving." Oorlogsdocumentatie '40-'45. Tiende jaarboek van het Nederlands Instituut (1999), 182-199.

Article 1999
Wagman, Jamie

"Crossing Boundaries: A Family Story." Nashim 27 (2014): 120-128.

Article 2014
Wake, Caroline

"Regarding the Recording: The Viewer of Video Testimony, the Complexity of Copresence and the Possibility of Tertiary Witnessing." History & Memory 25.1 (2013): 111-144.

Article 2013
Walke, Anike

"Memories of an Unfulfilled Promise: Internationalism and Patriotism in Post-Soviet Oral Histories of Jewish Survivors of the Nazi Genocide." Oral History Review 40.2 (2013): 271-298.

Article 2013
Walker, Janet

Trauma Cinema: Documenting Incest and the Holocaust. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2005.

Book 2005
Walter, Jacques

"Les Archives De lHistoire Audiovisuelle Des Survivants De La Shoah: Entre Institution Et Industrie, Une Mémoire Mosaïque En Devenir." Les Institutions de l'image. Eds. Jean-Pierre Bertin-Maghit, Béatrice Fleury-Vilatte, and Marc Ferro. Paris: Editions de LÉcole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, 2001. 187-200.

Article 2001
Waxman, Zoë

"Transcending History? Methodological Problems in Holocaust Testimony." The Holocaust and Historical Methodology. Ed. Dan Stone. New York: Berghahn Books, 2012. 143-57.

Book 2012
Weiss, Hermann F.

"From Reichsautobahnlager To Schmelt Camp: Brande, A Forgotten Holocaust Site In Western Upper Silesia, 1940-1943." Yad Vashem Studies 39.2 (2011): 81-119.

Article 2011
Wiedemann, Susanne

Transnational Encounters with "Amerika": German Jewish Refugees' Identity Formation in Berlin and Shanghai, 1939--1949.  Diss. Brown University, 2006.

PhD Dissertation 2006
Wieviorka, Annette

“The Witness in History.” Poetics Today 27.2 (2006): 385-397.

Article 2006
Wieviorka, Annette

The Era of the Witness. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2006.

Book 2006
Wildermuth, David W.

"Who Killed Lida's Jewish Intelligentsia? A Case Study of Wehrmacht Involvement in the Holocaust's “First Hour”." Holocaust and Genocide Studies 27.1 (2013): 1-29.

Article 2013
Williams, Frances

The Forgotten Kindertransportees: the Scottish Experience. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2013.

Book 2013
Wilson, Katherine

Genocide Genres: Reading Atocity Testimonies. Diss. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2013.

PhD Dissertation 2013
Wolf, Diane L.

“Holocaust Testimony: Producing Post-memories, Producing Identities.” Sociology Confronts the Holocaust: Memories and Identities in Jewish Diasporas. Eds. Judith M. Gerson and Diane L. Wolf. Durham: Duke University Press, 2007. 154-175.

Article 2007
Wolfson, Leah

"’Is There Anything Else You Would Like to Add?’ Visual Testimony Encounters the Lyric." South Atlantic Review : the Publication of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association 73.3 (2008): 86-109.

Article 2008
Wolfson, Leah A.

A Path through the Abyss: Re-inventing Testimony through Post-Holocaust Survivor Poetry, Memoir, and Video Oral Histories.  Diss. Emory University, 2008.

PhD Dissertation 2008
Zembrzycki, Stacey, and Steven High

"‘When I was your age’: Bearing Witness in Holocaust Education in Montreal." The Canadian Historical Review 93.3 (2012): 408-435.

Article 2012
Zieren, Gregory R.

"Negotiating between Generations: A Decade of Experience Teaching Oral History." Oral History Review 38.1 (2011): 158-174.

Article 2011