The following list of publications using testimony from the Institute’s archive is not comprehensive. If you have an academic publication not listed here that used testimony from the archive, please contact us. We would love to acknowledge your work.

All Publications

Author Title Typesort descending Year
Auerbach, Karen

 A Window on Postwar Warsaw: The Jewish Families of 16 Ujazdowskie Avenue. Diss. Brandeis Unversity, 2009.

PhD Dissertation 2009
Shenker, Noah

Embodied Memory: The Formation of Archived Audiovisual Holocaust Testimony in the United States.  Diss. University of Southern California, 2009.

PhD Dissertation 2009
Baer, Alejandro

El testimonio audiovisual y la construcción de la memoria colectiva : la representación del Holocausto según el proyecto "Survivors of the Shoah Visual History".  Diss. Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 2003.

PhD Dissertation 2003
Shewchuk, Sarah

Silence and Voices: Family History and Memorialization in Intergenerational Holocaust Literature. Diss. University of Alberta (Canada), 2012.

PhD Dissertation 2012
Baker, Julia K.

The Return of the Child Exile: Re-enactment of Childhood Trauma in Jewish Life-Writing and Documentary Film. Diss. University of Cincinnati, 2007.

PhD Dissertation 2007
Spinney, Russell A.

A Nation in Peril? Rethinking How Fear Influenced Everyday Life and Politics in the Weimar Republic. Diss. The Pennsylvania State University, 2009.

PhD Dissertation 2009
Decoster, Charlotte Marie-Cecile Marguerite

Child Rescue as Survival Resistance: Hidden Children in Nazi-Occupied Western Europe. Diss. University of North Texas, 2012.

PhD Dissertation 2012
Beorn, Waitman Wade

Descent into Darkness: The Local Participation of the Wehrmacht in the Holocaust in Belarus, 1941-2. Diss. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2011.

PhD Dissertation 2011
Thomas, Christopher Campbell

Compass, Square and Swastika: Freemasonry in the Third Reich. Diss. Texas A&M University, 2011.

PhD Dissertation 2011
Gudgel, Mark R.

A Mixed-Methods Study of the use of Film by American Secondary School Educators in Teaching about the Holocaust. Diss. Regent University, 2015.

PhD Dissertation 2015
Caskey, Clifton

Building Hitler's jets: Using Holocaust Survivors' Testimonies to Examine a Branch of the Nazi Armaments Industry. Diss. University of Houston, 2009.

PhD Dissertation 2009
Van der Zanden, Christine E.

The Plateau of Hospitality: Jewish Refugee Life on the Plateau Vivarais-Lignon. Diss. Clark University, 2003.

PhD Dissertation 2003
Haas, Brandon J.

IWitness and Student Empathy: Perspectives from USC Shoah Foundation Master Teachers. Diss. University of South Florida, 2015.

PhD Dissertation 2015
Celinscak, Mark

At War's End: Allied Forces at Bergen-Belsen.  Diss. York University (Canada), 2012.

PhD Dissertation 2012
Wiedemann, Susanne

Transnational Encounters with "Amerika": German Jewish Refugees' Identity Formation in Berlin and Shanghai, 1939--1949.  Diss. Brown University, 2006.

PhD Dissertation 2006
Koerber, Jeffrey P.

Born in the Borderlands: Jewish Youth and their Response to Oppression and Genocide, 1933-1948. Diss. Clark University, 2015.

PhD Dissertation 2015
Cohen, Beth B.

Case closed: Holocaust survivors in America, 1946-1954. Diss. Clark University, 2003.

PhD Dissertation 2003
Burgerová, Lenka

Mezi asimilací a emigrací. Sociálně-ekonomický pohyb v židovské komunitě v Teplicích 1938-1960. Diss. Univerzita Karlova v Praze, 2013.

PhD Dissertation 2013
Cohen, Daniel Maurice

Historical Narratives in Tension: Holocaust Educators' Perceptions of Victimhood. Diss. Northwestern University, 2011.

PhD Dissertation 2011
Cook, Peter D.

Hermeneutic Narratives: An Exploration of Master Teachers' Values in Holocaust Education. Diss. The Claremont Graduate University, 2014.

PhD Dissertation 2014
Segal, Raz

Disintegration, Social Breakdown, and Political Mass Violence in Subcarpathian Rus'. Diss. Clark University, 2013.

PhD Dissertation 2013
Wolfson, Leah A.

A Path through the Abyss: Re-inventing Testimony through Post-Holocaust Survivor Poetry, Memoir, and Video Oral Histories.  Diss. Emory University, 2008.

PhD Dissertation 2008
Marlow, Jennifer Lynn

Polish Catholic Maids and Nannies: Female Aid and the Domestic Realm in Nazi-Occupied Poland. Diss. Michigan State University, 2014.

PhD Dissertation 2014
Crago-Schneider, Kierra

Jewish "Shtetls" in Postwar Germany: An Analysis of Interactions among Jewish Displaced Persons, Germans, and Americans between 1945 and 1957 in Bavaria. Diss. University of California, Los Angeles, 2013.

PhD Dissertation 2013
Fox, Glenn R.

The Brain's Virtuous Cycle: An Investigation of Gratitude and Good Human Contact. Diss. University of Southern California, 2014.

PhD Dissertation 2014
Sekalala, Seif

Narratives & Discourses of Rwandan Former Refugees & Genocide Survivors in the USC-Shoah Archive & Western (US, UK, Italy, Canada) Newspapers. Diss. Drexel University, 2015.

PhD Dissertation 2015
Cushman, Sarah M.

The Women of Birkenau. Diss. Clark University, 2010.

PhD Dissertation 2010
Hes, Milan

Didaktické aspekty historické paměti holocaustu. Diss. Univerzita Karlova v Praze, 2012.

PhD Dissertation 2012
Silver, Jacqueline

Education of Jewish Children in Nazi Occupied Areas between 1933 - 1945. Diss. Fielding Graduate University, 2015.

PhD Dissertation 2015