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Beatrice Becker recalls the Iasi Pogrom of June 29, 1941, in Romania

Language: English

Beatrice Becker speaks of the dangerous conditions facing the Jews of Iasi, Romania in late June 1941 when Romania entered the war as an ally of Germany. Days later, on Jun 29th, the Jews of Iasi were rounded up by Romanian and German military units. Beatrice heard screams and shooting coming from the direction of the main police headquarters. Beatrice and her parents were rounded up and  were marched toward the police station’s courtyard, where German soldiers concentrated the Jews of Iasi. The family saw many corpses along the way.  Beatrice and her mother were allowed to return home. Thousands of Jewish men were deported from Iasi by train and most died during deportation, including her father. Beatrice relates she soon learned that thousands of Jews had been executed or deported from the city during the Iasi Pogrom on June 29, 1941.