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Interviews conducted in Australia


(includes testimonies in the process of being integrated into the Visual History Archive)

Regional Consultant(s)

  • Sarah Warby

Educational Programming

  • Educational Programming (IWitness, Teacher Education)
    • 2013: Participated in The Australian Association for the Teaching of English and the Australian Literacy Educators' Association Conference in Brisbane.
    • August 2012: Two IWitness teacher workshops (Melbourne and Sydney).

Conferences and Workshops

  • 2015: Australia consultant Sarah Warby presents IWitness at Knox Grammar School's Practicing Positive Eductaion conference in Sydney.

Additional work in Australia

  • Educational Work/IWitness
    • 2013: As part of the Australia Access Project, post-pilot, follow-up training focused on IWitness integration into the new Australian National Curriculum.
    • 2009-present: Developed a partnership with Educational Services Australia, a ministerial company aligned with the ministry of education to investigate the feasibility of integrating IWitness with the new Australian National Curriculum. The project includes training workshops and classroom pilots.