Title Grade Range Subjects Time Estimate Lang.
Raoul Wallenberg 9-12 English, History, Social Studies English
A bőrönd 9-12 Hungarian
A baba 9-12 Hungarian
A Wallenberg-lecke 8-12 Hungarian
Když rasismus je zákon 9-12 Czech
Segmentos para la clase 6-12 Spanish, español, historía, history Spanish
Segments for the Classroom 6-12 History & Geography; Government & Civics; Religion; Psychology; Language Arts English
Leçon sur le port de l’étoile jaune 9-12 History; Government & Civics; Ethics; Language Arts/Literature French
Voices and Acts of Resistance 9-12 World History, Psychology, Ethics, Sociology 1 to 2 class periods (55 minutes each) English
Rescue: Ordinary Individuals Making Extraordinary Decisions 4-6 Seven 45-minute class periods English
Persecution of the German-Jews: The Early Years – 1933-1939 9-12 Language Arts Approximately 3 Class Periods English
Deconstructing Genocide: The Ultimate Crime Against Humanity 12-12 Expository Reading and Writing 2-3 Days English
Daily Choices, Lasting Effects 11-12 English/Language Arts, Community College Freshman Composition 3 hours (lesson can be split over 3 class periods) English
Coming to America After the War 11-11 American Literature 1 class period of 110 minutes English
Choiceless Choices: An Exploration of the Nine Principles of Economics in Relationship to the Holocaust 9-12 Economics, Government Two 90-minute block periods English
"No Human Can Understand": The Sonderkommando and Revolt in Auschwitz 11-12 Holocaust/Genocide Studies 90 Minutes English