Living Histories: Seven Stories from the Holocaust

Lesson By: USC Shoah Foundation
Grade Range: 9-12
Subjects Covered: History & Geography; Government & Civics; Religion; Psychology; Language Arts; Visual Arts

Nechama Shneorson, Jewish Survivor: Survival and Loss

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Nechama Shneorson, Jewish Survivor: Survival and Loss

Nechama Shneorson

Language: English

While acknowledging events that led to her own survival in her testimony, Nechama Shneorson offers a forthright perspective of the devastating loss of family in the Holocaust.  The lesson’s theme, Survival and Loss, offers a glimpse of the complexity of emotions experienced by Nechama and many other Holocaust survivors.

We have to stick together, and whatever will happen, we will try to die together so that none of us should be left alone. But this is, was the only dream we had: if we have to die, that we should die together. We should not be left without each other.

—Nechama Shneorson