Living Histories: Seven Stories from the Holocaust

Lesson By: USC Shoah Foundation
Grade Range: 9-12
Subjects Covered: History & Geography; Government & Civics; Religion; Psychology; Language Arts; Visual Arts

Johtje Vos, Rescuer: Choices of Courage

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Johtje Vos, Rescuer: Choices of Courage

Johtje Vos

Language: English

Through her testimony, Johtje Vos conveys the reasons why she and her husband, Aart, became rescuers and vividly describes daily life with people hidden in their home. The lesson’s theme, Choices of Courage, explores the implications of decision-making in dangerous and difficult times.

I’m always happy when I think about that horrible time, that occupation of our country, that I could help, that I had the possibility. Every day. And I’m very thankful for the way that God helped us.

—Johtje Vos