One Man, Two Voices: Peter Feigl’s Diary and Testimony

Lesson By: USC Shoah Foundation
Grade Range: 8-12
Subjects Covered: American History, World History, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Government, Psychology, Sociology, Literature and Language Arts
Time Estimate: Three 45-minute class periods

“The study of history always begins with fragments.” This premise, put forth by Alexandra Zapruder in her thought-provoking Introduction in Salvaged Pages: Young Writers’ Diaries of the Holocaust is the impetus for the One Man, Two Voices (OMTV) resource.

By pairing Peter Feigl’s wartime diary (1942-1944) with his post-war video testimony (1997), and then by arranging and layering an assortment of other primary sources, including a number of recently discovered and previously unpublished letters, forms, and photos, this presentation model strives to provide students a broader perspective and additional context for Peter’s war-time experiences.

Used in conjunction with one another, these key pieces of historical evidence offer students an authentic opportunity to engage in historical inquiry and humanize history in order to make meaningful connections and form a lasting understanding that, indeed, history happens to people.

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