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USC Shoah Foundation Statement Regarding Christchurch Mosque Attacks

A message from USC Shoah Foundation Executive Director Stephen Smith: 

Hate does not distinguish. We see once again what happens when adherence to an ideology of hate turns violent. Words and ideas do kill. Throughout history, we have seen dangerous threats evolve into acts of murder, terror and genocide, and what we are witnessing in Christchurch, New Zealand, is no different. We mourn with our Muslim brothers and sisters. We have seen Jews slain in their synagogues and now Muslims in their mosques. We condemn not only the crime, but the ideas that lie behind it. We need to come together to defeat the forces that will kill Jews because of antisemitism and Muslims just because they attend a mosque. People from all walks of life must be vigilant and condemn the hateful words and rhetoric that all too often precede these murderous acts.

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