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Center for Advanced Genocide Research celebrates five years of unique academic programming and research

On April 25, 2019, the USC Shoah Foundation Center for Advanced Genocide Research celebrated the fifth anniversary of its founding. The Center was founded on April 25, 2014 as the USC Shoah Foundation was commemorating its 20th anniversary, with the goal of promoting innovative and interdisciplinary research on the Holocaust and other genocides. Read more about the Center’s founding here.

Today the Center is internationally recognized as one of the leading Holocaust and genocide research institutions in the world: for its unique interdisciplinary approach, its promotion of unique resources, such as the USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive, and its unique location at a leading research university in the heart of Los Angeles, a metropolis which is home to several large genocide survivor communities.

5 years of the Center’s work at a glance

205 scholars came to the Center
(fellows, guest speakers, visiting scholars and researchers, conference and workshop participants)

49 academic disciplines represented by Center scholars

23 countries on 6 continents represented by Center scholars

65 Center events organized 
(including 4 annual international conferences)

25 cosponsored/co-organized events

39 institutional partners 
(23 at USC, 10 national, 6 international)

41 introductory VHA workshops at universities worldwide

34 university class visits with 701 students total at the Center

To mark the fifth anniversary, the Center released a new brochure and a video about its work. 





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