Naming Opportunities

Named gifts are lasting reminders to future generations of the remarkable and generous contributions by USC Shoah Foundation’s most generous donors, families and partners.  For this reason we are pleased to offer numerous naming opportunities within our Global Headquarters.

USC Shoah Foundation welcomes the opportunity to honor those whose generous philanthropic contributions make possible the construction of state-of-the-art Global Headquarters.

USC Shoah Foundation thanks all our donors and recognizes that through these extraordinary contributions, our supporters have demonstrated their commitment and dedication to creating a more tolerant world by using testimony in education, scholarship, and research by providing significant financial support. 

For more information, please contact Andrea Waldron at 213-740-6051 or

East Wing


The Lieber Quiet Study I (funded)

The Quiet Study area provides scholars, visitors, and staff with flexible, private space for work requiring focused concentration.

Quiet Study II (funded)

The Quiet Study area provides scholars, visitors, and staff with flexible, private space for work requiring focused concentration.

Think Tank I

Located within the Strategic Operations center, this team breakout space will enable staff, partners, and educators to work collaboratively.

Think Tank II

Located within the Strategic Operations center, this team breakout space will enable staff, partners, and educators to work collaboratively.


The Café will offer staff and guests an area for communal gathering and refreshment, further enhancing the sense of community on which the Institute prides itself. The Café is located within the convertible “town hall” space that combines the Café with the Multimedia Classroom and the East Conference Room.

Staff Lounge

The Staff Lounge will serve as the primary gathering place for staff and volunteers alike, an impromptu meeting space for casual conversations, shared meals, or an afternoon cup of coffee.

East Conference Room

This technologically advanced demonstration and meeting space will serve as a multi-function suite for staff and visitors, located within the convertible “town hall” space that combines the East Conference Room with the Café and Multimedia Classroom.

Education Lab

Demonstrating the proven success of the Institute’s programs, the Education Lab will allow visitors to engage all current and future testimony-based experiences.

Collaborative Study

The Collaborative Study will connect visiting partners and thought leaders from across the Institute in dedicated collaborative work.

Operations Center

Among the busiest areas on the floor, the Operations Center serves as the global nexus for Institute-wide program administration.

Kathy and Richard Leventhal Innovation Lab (funded)

The Kathy and Richard Leventhal Innovation Lab will provide a space for the Institute’s Media Production team, bridging global outreach initiatives with innovative technological platforms.

Pathways to Testimony

Designed to showcase works inspired by the Visual History Archive, the interactive Pathways to Testimony Exhibit enables guests to see, hear and feel the influence of testimony.

Global Communications Suite

Reaching more than 16,000,000 people annually, the Global Communications Suite transmits the Institute’s content and messages to global audiences.

IWitness Center

Generating testimony-based learning experiences for students and educators around the world, the IWitness Center expands the influence of testimony in teaching.

Executive Suite

The highly accessible Executive Suite facilitates collaboration among the Institute's leadership, staff, guests and visitors.

Multimedia Classroom

Showcasing the Institute’s advanced educational content, the Multimedia Classroom will immerse students and others in new forms of learning, located within the convertible “town hall” space that combines the Multimedia Classroom with the East Conference Room and the Café.

West Wing and Visitor Center


Welcome Suite (funded)

Designed to invite curiosity, the Welcome Suite will serve as the first stop of a visitor’s journey into USC Shoah Foundation’s global headquarters.

Next Generation Suite

Re-energized by a cohort of new interns from across the USC campus each semester, this suite engages the next generation of scholars to advance the work of the Institute.

Nursing Wellness Room

The Nursing Wellness Room will offer working mothers a private and comfortable space to accommodate their needs.

PastForward Technology Hub

Technology serves humanity through the PastForward Technology Hub, the digital engine that propels the Institute’s program team and global operations.

Cozen Family Testimony Collections Center (funded)

The New Collections Center will give survivors and other witnesses a voice as the Institute continues to collect and preserve testimonies from around the world.

Editing Suite

A state-of-the-art Editing Suite enables on-site storytelling inspired by testimony, from “Connections” videos for IWitness to full-length documentary films for broadcast.

Innovation Studio

Outfitted with cutting-edge recording, display, and immersive technologies, the Innovation Studio powers creative exploration of new storytelling and learning experiences.

Research Commons

The hub of the Center for Advanced Genocide Research, the Research Commons offers a home for scholars on campus and from around the world to pursue testimony-based academic study.

Ulrika and Joel Citron Visual History Archive Lab (funded)

Inside the Visual History Archive Lab, thought leaders examine potential new collections and explore new ways to use testimony for the benefit of humanity.

Research Fellows Study

Hosting world class scholars from around the globe, the Research Fellows Study will provide best-in-class resources for academic engagement with testimony.

Center for Advanced Genocide Research Chair

The Center for Advanced Genocide Research Chair provides dedicated space for the director of the Center to lead research on the circumstances and resistance to genocide.

Executive Conference Room

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this multi-purpose space serves as both an executive meeting room and a Virtual Reality “play-space” to engage with new media.

West Conference Room

The high-technology West Conference Room will provide an intimate space for guests to confer and strategize.

Jona Goldrich Center for Digital Storytelling (funded)

Conveying our mission and methodology, this reception area will introduce visitors to interactive digital storytelling.

George and Irina Schaeffer Hall for Genocide Study (funded)

Connecting visitors to the power of testimony, this central hall will pay tribute to the Institute’s mission and to the witnesses who have shared their stories with us.

Sara and Asa Shapiro Lobby (funded)

A quiet reception and rest area, this space provides space for guests and visitors to prepare for a visit or to debrief from one.