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Armenian Genocide Survivor Robert Gajar

Armenian Genocide survivor Robert Gajar was on a death march down a mountain trail when he was left behind because his belongings kept sliding off his donkey. On the way down he witnessed something horrific.

Holocaust survivor Blake Schiff on the Ringelblum Archive

Holocaust survivor Blake Schiff discusses the direct involvement he and his sisters had as “chroniclers” who helped Emanuel Ringelblum document the atrocities in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Magda Weiss

Magda Weiss recalls the day her Hungarian family was taken away to a Jewish ghetto.

Dorothy Zoltek on Emanuel Ringelblum

Dorothy Zoltek, a Warsaw Ghetto and Holocaust survivor, said she knew Emanuel Ringelblum's family well. She discusses their relationship in this testimony, recorded in 1985 by the Sarah and Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre in Toronto. The testimony is stored in USC Shoah Foundation's Visual History Archive.


Minna Aspler on Emanuel Ringelblum

Holocaust survivor Minna Aspler -- who spent time in the Warsaw Ghetto -- recalls the personality of Emanuel Ringelblum, who had been her history teacher. Ringelblum went on to lead a clandestine effort with other Warsaw Ghetto inhabitants to amass an archive that would eventually shine a light on the atrocities that occurred there. Aspler's testimony, recorded by McGill University in Montreal in 1995, is stored in USC Shoah Foundation's Visual History Archive.

Charlotte McKern

Charlotte McKern, who survived the Holocaust by taking refuge in Shanghai, shares the story of how she met her husband, Robert Grosslight, a physician who’d been released from the Dachau concentration camp in Germany to migrate to Shanghai.

Selma Engel on the notorious commander at Sobibor

Selma Engel describes how the insurrection at Sobibor was timed to coincide with the vacation of Gustav Franz Wagner, an infamously sadistic Nazi commander at the camp who reportedly had a strong intuition about inmate collusion.

Selma Engel on the Sobibor uprising

Selma Engel describes the chaos that erupted during the uprising at the Sobibor death camp, enabling her and her future husband, Chaim Engel, to escape.

Emmanuel Ndashimye

Emmanuel Ndashimye, a survivor of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi, talks about three times he came close to death during the genocide, but somehow managed to survive.

Anneliese Nossbaum on antisemitic violence today

In this clip from her 2017 testimony, Anneliese recalls telling her grandchildren how antisemitic vandalism is now a crime. In her youth during the Nazi regime, such violence was condoned by the state.