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Thursday, July 18, 2013
Inge and her sister Edith left Zurich, Switzerland for London, United Kingdom, to be reunited with their father after the war. Inge relates that her mother, who had made her way to Sweden after liberation, also joined them in England. It was 1946.
Thursday, March 13, 2014
Sonia Warshawski describes her life after she and her husband migrated to the United States. She also recalls how she educated her children about her experiences in the Holocaust.
Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Daisy Biro describes life in Budapest during WWII and how grateful she is that her entire immediate family survived.
Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Rose Toren’s father told her to leave the family to go hide with a friend from school in Nazi occupied Poland. Rose recalls the night she fled to her friend’s house and evaded beatings by the Gestapo.  
Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Eva Slonim remembers her childhood, family and religious celebrations in pre-war Czechoslovakia.
Thursday, July 23, 2015
Zsuzsanna Ozsvath Abonyi and her husband immigrated to Texas from Hungary after WWII.  Zsuzsanna’s husband received a teaching position at a Texas university and she continues to reflect on her own career including a Ph.D