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Friday, August 5, 2016
Aristides de Sousa Mendes was a Portuguese diplomat stationed in Bordeaux in the late 1930s who issued tens of thousands of visas to Jewish families, in direct violation of anti-Jewish laws instituted by Portugal’s fascist government at the time. For this act of resistance, Sousa Mendes faced trials and conviction, leaving him to live out the rest of his life in poverty and disgrace, and his 15 children scattered all over Europe and the U.S.
Friday, October 10, 2014
Harriet H. Forster describes life in Austria just following the Anschluss in 1938 including saving her brother from deportation. Harriet later moved to the United States and became a professor at USC and was internationally known for her work in physics and astronomy. She died on September 28, 2014, she was 97 years old.