Focal Points

Stronger Than Hate Focal Points

Focal Points is a featured section on USC Shoah Foundation’s website that examines current events and issues relevant to the Institute.

It stems from Stronger Than Hate, an umbrella platform of USC Shoah Foundation that serves as a broad, proactive, actionable response to the rising crises of hatred.

Specific themes to be explored include Antisemitism, Memory, Denial, Immigration, Education, and Human Rights. These pages will be published on an ongoing basis in response to news from around the world.

Each Focal Points page will include some or all of the following:

  • Clips of relevant testimony from the Visual History Archive
  • A blog or essay about the theme or current event written by USC Shoah Foundation staff, colleagues or scholars
  • Relevant IWitness activities and Echoes & Reflections lessons for students in middle and high school
  • Published news articles about the current event
  • A comprehensive list of the scholarly articles and books that use the Visual History Archive to explore the theme

Focal Points will highlight the relevance of USC Shoah Foundation and its Visual History Archive for those looking to find a frame of reference for the complex issues facing the world today. It will serve as a guiding voice for anyone seeking expert opinion and analysis on world events that reflect the causes and consequences of hatred and intolerance. 

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Current Focal Points