Tribute Wall

Give honor on behalf of humanity

There are seminal moments in our lives, whether it is the celebration of a special occasion or memorializing a loved one.

Honoring a once in a lifetime moment is a present that pays tribute to the past and helps to fortify a future against intolerance.

For information about posting your memorial or tribute on our Tribute Wall, please call Nicole Watkins at (213) 821-9337 or


In Memory of Gina Parker
In beloved memory of our mother, Gina Parker, who survived 5 concentration camps and two death walks and was still a beacon of inspiration to all who knew her. May her testimony and love of life continue to inspire people —Tamara Theodore, Alan Parker and Vivian Parker
In Memory of Daniel D. Hillman, M.D.
Dan Hillman was an outstanding Orthopedic Surgeon and a wonderful, treasured friend. So many people were forever enriched by having Dan in their lives. We will always miss him Lauren and Peter Birnstein —Peter Birnstein
In Memory of Murray Gutwillig
—Adam Shlachter
In Memory of Solomon Bensman
My father, who believed in responsibility. —Sandra B. Silverstein
In Memory of Hannelore Wanderer
—Emily Cohen
In Memory of Lea Aronson
In Memory of my mother who escaped Germany at age 17 and made it to America. She was video taped for 2 hours by the Shoah foundation and her testament rests in Shoah's Archives. She passed away at the age of 88 after living a long and wonderful life. She is missed! —Jerry Aronson
In Memory of Walter Steinweg, Z"L, Holocaust Survivor and Loving Father
You will be dearly missed. May your Shoah Foundation testimony be put to good use. —Russell L. Steinweg
In Memory of Harry Simon
Daddy's life and memories will always be cherished by his children and his grandchildren so that his story will never be forgotten.... Karen, Rachel and Jessica Krieger —Karen M.Simon Krieger
In Memory of Julia I Salpeter
In loving memory of my beloved mother Irma Illes. —Julia I Salpeter
In Memory of Dr. Dan Hillman
In loving memory of a Dr. Hillman- a very special person. Steven and Wendy Klappholz —Steven and Wendy Klappholz
In Memory of David and Nina Fox
In loving memory of my parents, David and Nina, survivors of the Holocaust, who survived to show the world that hatred could not eliminate the Jewish people. —Joseph & Hanna Fox
In Memory of Bobbie Primack
—Jerry Primack
In Memory of Family members who died in the Holocaust
—Ellen Feldman
In Memory of Pearl Willner
In loving memory of Pearl Willner. Love, Nini and Gary Lightman —Nini Lightman
In Memory of Margaret Klein Loeb
—Marvin Loeb
In Memory of Pearl Willner
In loving Memory of Pearl Willner. Love, Sheldon and Margelle Liss —Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Liss
In Memory of Schafranik and Altar Families
—Robin Shaffert
In Memory of Dr. Daniel Hillman
To Dan, in honor of a great human being, larger than life, a lover of life and always a joy to be around. We will all miss him very much. My prayers to his family, Patti and Mike, Carol Bird —Carol Bird
In Memory of Papa Joe and Granny Kitty
—Kim and Stephen Schwarz
In Memory of Moishe and Ruth Kantorowitz
In loving memory —David M. Rubin
In Memory of The Rosenzweig & Baum Families who perished in the Holocaust
—Helene Rosenzweig
In Memory of Benjamin Wiesel, M.D.
You taught me that teachers are DNA —Elizabeth Rougas
In Memory of Pearl Willner
In remembrance of a wonderful grandmother, she will be missed and remembered by everyone that knew her. Love, Lauren and Zac —Lauren and Zac Schindler
In Memory of Rose K. Rose
—Esther H. Rose
In Memory of Ellen Schuster Silberman
To a great Mother Grandmother and Humanitarian —Amy Benjamin
In Memory of Ana Helena Berenguer
—Todd Kurosawa
In Memory of Geraldine Cook
We will miss you so much, grandma. —Jeffrey Langham
In Memory of Patsy Edwards
A light has dimmed but the smile remains forever more. —Nicole Watkins
In Memory of Cheryl Chevalier
In loving memory of you and your incredible spirit on the tenth anniversary of your passing. Gone much too soon. Love, Lauren —Lauren Y. Walker


In Honor of Joseph Sher
Happy 100th Birthday on November 27, 2015, to our Zeidy, Joseph Sher, of New Orleans, Louisiana, a talented tailor, who is a Holocaust survivor originally from Krzepice, Poland. Zeidy often questions why he survived the Shoah when 6 million other Jews did not. Until a few years ago, Zeidy told his story on numerous occasions to local students, and he even participated in a Shoah Foundation interview. In spite of the hell that he lived through, our Zeidy often reminds us to “enjoy life.” He is adored, respected, and admired by many—young and old—and we are so proud to be his granddaughters! Love, Karen, Leopold, Rose and Samantha Sher and Jeremy Soso—Rose Sher
In Honor of Max and Rose Schindler
In honor of such inspirational parents and great role models.—Steven Schindler
In Honor of Meredith Patrick
—Kenneth P Patrick
In Honor of Al Cislowski
We love you Saba. You are an inspiration for us all. Dave, Carol, Ben & Jess—David, Carol, Benjamin & Jessica Cislowski
In Honor of Celina Biniaz
In gratitude for your testimony.—Gail Hurd
In Honor of Sonia Hochman
You have my heart Sonia Hochman. To the father who fought so hard for you, your sister, your mother and his friends and family. And to Harold's family, I will remember all of them. Love, Janet—Janet Tobias