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Experience the 2019 Shapiro Scholar in Residence Lecture - "Did Gender Matter During the Holocaust?"

Watch the 2019 Shapiro Scholar in Residence lecture by Marion Kaplan (New York University) in which she traces Holocaust research on gender. 


Watch Videos from "New Perspectives on Kristallnacht" Conference

Watch the conference proceedings from the Center's recent international conference "New Perspectives on Kristallnacht: After 80 Years, the Nazi Pogrom in Global Comparison".

Watch videos here.

Watch Kimberly Cheng's lecture "American Dreams: Jewish Refugees and Chinese Locals in Post-World War II Shanghai"

In September, 2018-2019 Breslauer, Rutman, and Anderson Research Fellow Kimberly Cheng (New York University) gave a lecture about her research in the Visual History Archive exploring Jewish refugee life in post-World War II Shanghai. Watch her lecture or read a summary here.


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April 5, 2019

On this day, 27 years ago, my city of Sarajevo became a besieged city, and remained such for the following four years. A seven-year old at the time, I remember those first days of April of 1992 well. On one of them, my family’s Yugo 45 – an iconic car model of the former Yugoslavia – broke down right next to the Kasarna Maršala Tita (military barracks), where the U.S. Embassy is located today. Without a car, we could not go home that night, so we returned to my grandparents’ house.

By Badema Pitic

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