Jared McBride
Margee and Douglas Greenberg Fellow, USC Shoah Foundation, 2014

Jared McBride earned his Ph.D. in History at the University of California, Los Angeles, where he studied ethnic diversity and mass violence in Nazi-occupied Volhynia, Ukraine, during the Second World War. His work specializes in the regions of Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe in the 20th century and research interests include borderland studies, nationalist movements, mass violence and genocide, the Holocaust, inter-ethnic conflict, and war crimes prosecution. Currently, Dr. McBride is writing a book titled Killing Neighbors: The Undoing of Multi-Ethnic Western Ukraine, 1941-1944. As an extension of his dissertation research, this text sets out to investigate the region of Volhynia in Western Ukraine during Nazi occupation. One of the most violent regions in all of Eastern Europe, it was home to the genocide of the Jewry, Soviet partisan warfare, a Ukrainian nationalist uprising, brutal Nazi occupation policies and widespread inter-ethnic violence. Through extensive archival research and recently opened KGB archives in Ukraine, this work has the potential to inform studies of ethnic and political violence in borderland regions beyond Ukraine, as well as contribute to discussions in genocide studies and social scientific approaches to the study of violence. 

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