Peg LeVine
Center for Advanced Genocide Research Fellow, 2014

Peg LeVine received her Doctorate of Clinical Psychology (Ed.D.) from Virginia Tech university and her Ph.D. in medical anthropology from Monash University. As an interdisciplinary scholar in traumatic psychology, anthropology, Asian studies, and sculpting, her work focuses on "Ritualcide," a concept that she introduced as the systematic erosion of access to spiritual rituals, places, objects, and physical-metaphysical arbitrators. Dr. LeVine has conducted extensive ethnographic studies while travelling with Cambodians to sites of ritual and cultural destruction during the Khemer Rouge genocide from 1975-1979 which killed between 1.5 - 3 million people. She is currently expanding the field of response oriented Morita therapy, originally started in Japan, and applying her methods to aid survivors of sex trafficking in Southeast Asia. She is a consultant for the International Red Cross, Foundation of Survivors of Torture, and trains health professionals working with asylum seekers in detention. 

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