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Interviews conducted in China


(includes testimonies in the process of being integrated into the Visual History Archive)

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Conferences and Workshops

  • 2015: USC Shoah Foundation leads panel “Nanjing: The Power of Survivors’ Stories and Why Capturing them Matters” at the USC Global Conference in Shanghai. Panel participants include NBCUniversal Vice Chairman Ron Meyer, Nanjing University Professor Xu Xin, USC Trustee Ming Hsieh and Nanjing Massacre survivor Zhi Qiang Chang.
  • 2013: USC Shoah Foundation participates in the Association of Holocaust Organizations (AHO) Conference in Harbin and Shanghai.

Additional work in China

Nanjing testimonies included in Facing History and Ourselves https://www.facinghistory.org


  • 20 new Nanjing Massacre survivor testimonies are recorded in December


  • The first 12 testimonies of survivors of the 1937 Nanjing Massacre are indexed and integrated into the Visual History Archive.

  • The next 18 testimonies are recorded in September and October.

  • Karen Jungblut, the Institute’s director of research and documentation, travels to Nanjing, China, to observe the National Day of Remembrance of the Nanjing Massacre and meet with survivors and partners.


  • USC Shoah Foundation’s Nanjing Massacre collection is initiated by a partnership with Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall in China with funding provided by the Siezen Foundation.

  • The first 12 testimonies of survivors of the 1937 Nanjing Massacre are recorded in December.