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  • 2016: The photography exhibit “Auschwitz Album,” which incorporates testimony from the Visual History Archive, goes on display in Moscow after its 2015 debut in Prague. 

  • 2014:  USC Shoah Foundation opened the Blavatnik Archive Foundation’s exhibit in USC’s Doheny Memorial Library about Soviet Jewish soldiers during World War II. Called “Lives of the Great Patriotic War: The Untold Story of Soviet Jewish Soldiers in the Red Army During World War II,” the exhibit was on display during that summer. The Blavatnik Archive Foundation was founded in 2005 by American industrialist and philanthropist Len Blavatnik, who was born in Russia and attended Moscow State University of Railway Engineering.  He is executive director along with his brother Alex Blavatnik.

  • 2009: USC Shoah Foundation presented at the 10th Annual International Workshop for Holocaust Teachers in Moscow. The workshop was organized by the Holocaust Center and Holocaust Fond (Moscow), Yad Vashem, USC Shoah Foundation, and International Claims Conference.

  • 2008: Visual History Pilot Program workshop in Kaliningrad, within the framework of Lessons of the Holocaust and Contemporary Russia, the international conference of the Holocaust Center and Holocaust Fund.

  • 2007: Visual History Pilot Program workshop in Moscow, within the framework of the 5th annual seminar of the Holocaust Center and Holocaust Fund.

  • 2005: Russian Teachers Workshop at USC Shoah Foundation in Los Angeles.

2015: Kiril Feferman, of the Russian State University for Humanities in Moscow, is selected as the 2015-16 USC Shoah Foundation Center for Advanced Genocide Research Center Fellow.

USC Shoah Foundation Documentary Films

  • Deti iz bezdny (Children from the Abyss) (Broken Silence series, 2002)

    Holocaust survivors in this Russian-language documentary detail their experience of resistance, betrayal, rescue, and the desire for revenge. Directed by Pavel Chukhraj, the documentary was nominated for an Academy Award®.
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