Echoes & Reflections

Echoes & Reflections is the premiere source for Holocaust educational materials and professional development, empowering teachers and students with insight needed to question the past and the foresight to impact the future.  Since 2005, this unparalleled partnership program of three world leaders in education: the Anti-Defamation League, USC Shoah Foundation, and Yad Vashem, has provided more than 1500 programs, reaching more than 40,000 teachers, with a potential impact to 4.2 million students.

The Holocaust is more than a historical event – it’s part of our larger human story. Through a thoughtful study of the Holocaust, students can grow as responsible citizens in a democratic society and develop critical thinking, empathy, and social justice skills for the future.  Students who learn with Echoes & Reflections have been found to increase knowledge of the Holocaust, make personal connections, increase their belief that “the events of the Holocaust are still relevant to our lives today,” and express a desire to counter acts of prejudice in the future.

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