Eva Schloss is a Holocaust survivor who lives in London, England, and is the posthumous stepsister of diarist Anne Frank. Born Eva Geiringer in Vienna, Austria, to Erich and Fritzi Geiringer in 1929, she had an older brother named Heinz with whom she was very close. Eva’s father, Erich, owned a shoe factory and the Geiringers were an upper-middle-class, nonreligious family. In 1938, Germany annexed Austria in an event known as the Anschluss. Laws against Jews were immediately enacted. Eva’s father fled to Amsterdam in 1939 and the rest of the family joined in 1940. The Geiringers met the Frank family during their time in Amsterdam; as young girls, Eva and Anne were neighbors. In 1942, after the Nazis occupied the Netherlands, Eva and her family went into hiding. On Eva’s 15th birthday in 1944, the family was betrayed and sent first to Westerbork Concentration Camp in the Netherlands and then to Auschwitz II-Birkenau in Nazi-occupied Poland. Eva’s father and brother died after they were sent on a death march to the Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria. Eva and her mother spent the war together in Birkenau and were liberated by the Soviet Army in 1945. After the war, they moved back to Amsterdam and reconnected with Anne Frank’s father, Otto, who‘d lost his wife and both daughters in the Holocaust. Eva moved to London and married Zvi Schloss. Eva’s mother, Fritzi, and Otto Frank later married as well. Eva and Zvi had three daughters and five grandchildren. Eva is a cofounder of the Anne Frank Trust UK and continues to share her story with groups all over the world.

Eva Schloss's testimony was recorded in 1996