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Fighting clichés...

The negative, or at any rate the mistaken perception of Roma and Sinti people comes from ignorance and from stereotypes engrained in the imagination of the majority of society.

Dosta! - (a Romani word for "Enough!") is the name of an awareness-raising campaign launched by the Council of Europe, which aims to bring non-Roma closer to Roma citizens by breaking down the barriers caused by prejudices and stereotypes.

Coe/EC Dosta! campaign TV spot (EN)

"DOSTA" CAMPAIGN (2011) against the discrimination of Roma and Sinti.

Italian version:
"Dosta! Basta! Andate oltre i pregiudizi, scoprite i Rom", realizzato dal Consiglio d'Europa, Capitolo II, "Questo è uno stereotipo? Uno strumento per combattere gli stereotipi nei confronti dei Rom", pp. 19-35.

Is this a stereotype?