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2014 International Conference Panel Spotlight: The Dynamics of Oral History of War and Genocide: The Case of Indonesia

The Dynamics of Oral History of War and Genocide panel will examine the challenges, implications and responsibilities that modern testimony collections have for communities that have experienced war and genocide.

(Pictured: Cambodian Genocide survivor Theary Seng gives testimony in 2011)


From the Visual History Archive

Marthe Cohn-Hoffnung on the liberation of Paris

Marthe Cohn-Hoffnung remembers the liberation of Paris, France, in 1944, where she was living under false identity. She especially recalls the emotional response on the part of the French people upon seeing the French 2nd armored division, led by General Charles de Gaulle, march into Paris first.


Impact in Profile

Meet Olena Bilchenko

The Teaching with Testimony in the 21st Century program in Ukraine wasn’t Olena Bilchenko’s first experience teaching with the Visual History Archive. But the program gave her the opportunity to develop her own lessons for the first time, and she emerged with new skills and feeling a personal connection to Holocaust survivors and witnesses.