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Nearly 1,000 Assets from Genocide Archive of Rwanda Incorporated into IWitness

Students using IWitness can now explore nearly 1,000 historical documents, photographs, publications and additional testimonies to contextualize their learning about the Rwandan Tutsi Genocide.


From the Visual History Archive

Rose Kohn

Rose Kohn remembers how her mother’s life was spared during the camp selection process in Auschwitz II-Birkenau. Rose and her mother, Mary were then transferred to Bergen-Belsen. Mary and her daughter survived several concentration camps together and after liberation immigrated to the United States. Pictured: Railroad track near Auschwitz.


Impact in Profile

Meet David Tomkins

David Tomkins’ students will learn about global rhetorics of survival through testimonies from the Visual History Archive following Tomkins’ teaching fellowship this summer at the USC Shoah Foundation.