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Audiences Interact with Pinchas Gutter in Early New Dimensions in Testimony Pilot

Development took a major step forward this month for New Dimensions in Testimony, the 3D, fully interactive display of Holocaust survivors created by USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies and Conscience Display.


From the Visual History Archive

Margot Friedlander on the Red Cross Visit to Theresienstadt

On July 23, 1944 members of the International Red Cross visited Theresienstadt (Terezín) ghetto in Czechoslovakia. In an effort to present Theresienstadt as a model ghetto, the Nazis deported many Jews to Auschwitz to alleviate overcrowding, renovated buildings and staged musical performances and other activities. Margot Friedlander remembers when the Red Cross visited the ghetto and speaks on the façade.


Impact in Profile

Meet Arthur Allen

Journalist Arthur Allen has written a new book, with help from the Visual History Archive, about two little-known doctors whose experiments saved lives and were in themselves acts of defiance against the Nazis.