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USC Shoah Foundation Preserves Its History in Institutional Audio-Visual Collection

In an effort to safeguard a narrative that began with the 1994 creation of the USC Shoah Foundation, Information Technology Services (ITS) has launched the process of digitizing the USC Shoah Foundation Institutional Audio-Visual Records.


From the Visual History Archive

Syrt Wolter reflects on being an aid provider

Syrt Wolter speaks admirably of the Spainers, a Jewish family he and his wife Lucinda hid in their home in the Netherlands during World War II. Syrt and Lucinda are both recognized as Righteous Among the Nations. (Pictured the garden of the Righteous Among the Nations at Yad Vashem).


Impact in Profile

Meet Barbara Jaffe

Since Barbara Jaffe first learned about the USC Shoah Foundation 10 years ago, she has participated in its Master Teacher professional development program, created her own IWitness activities, and has seen her students become just as affected by Holocaust survivor testimony as she is.