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Day 10 of 70 days of testimony the experiences of Auschwitz. Lilli Weismann on the strength of her family

Day 10 of 70 Days of Testimony: Lilli Weismann on surviving Auschwitz with her sistersL illi Weismann describes the hardship she faced in Auschwitz and how hopeless she felt. Lilli remembers how one her sisters inspired to keep living as the girls gathered as much food as possible. This is the 10th testimony clip in the series 70 Days of Testimony: Leading up to the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz.


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Meet Anna Krisztina Berecz

Anna Krisztina Berecz is attending the Auschwitz: The Past is Present program in Poland this January in order to gain insights that will help her teach her students the causes and consequences of the Holocaust.