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June 20, 2018


Why are dozens of streets in New Jersey named after Oskar Schindler?

“He was very tall, handsome, kind, soft spoken and endearing,” Ruth Katz, daughter of survivor Abraham Zuckerman said. “He was so happy that my father had my sister and brother and me. He was so happy my father was surviving. He would come to our house and say, ‘You are my children.’ To me, he was the grandfather I didn’t have.”


Inspired by Testimony

Jan DeBoutte on the danger of leaving antisemitism unchecked

Diplomat Jan DeBoutte knows the danger of letting antisemitism go unchecked – and still, he says, there is hope.


Online Exhibit

Gay Pride Month

June is Gay Pride Month. We commemorate the month by spotlighting the gay witnesses and survivors in our Archive, including the stories of witnesses whose survival relied on the aid of gay people who couldn’t tell their own story.

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