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Solly Ganor on the February Revolution

Language: English

Solly Ganor (Henkind) was born in 1927 in Silute, Lithuania. In 1941, Solly with his family was incarcerated in Kaunas ghetto. In 1944, he was deported to Stutthof concentration camp and then to Kaufering Lager X and Dachau. Solly was liberated in 1945. His father, Heim Henkind, born in 1891 in Minsk, then Russian Empire (today Belarus), was a member of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (Men’sheviks), that was emerged after the division of the Party in two groups, Men’sheviks and Bol’sheviks. Solly Ganor tells about his father’s revolutionary activities in 1905 – 1917 and his participation in the Provisional government under the leadership of the Minister-Chairman A. Kerenskii.