Dorota Glowacka
Director of Contemporary Studies Program, Professor of Humanities, University of King's College, Canada

Dorota Glowacka earned her PhD in Comparative Literature from State University of New York at Buffalo. Professor Glowacka has taught critical theory, Holocaust and genocide studies and theories of gender and race in the Contemporary Studies Program at Univerity of King's College, Canada, since 1995. She also lectures in the Foundation Year Program and at Dalhousie University, where she has been cross-appointed to the graduate faculties of English, Gender and Women’s Studies, European Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies. Her research interests include Holocaust and genocide literature and art, with special interests in gender and genocide and the intersections of the Holocaust and settler colonial genocide in North America. Other research interests include continental philosophy; ethics and politics of memory; philosophy “after Auschwitz”; Polish-Jewish relations after the Holocaust; critical race theory, and gender theory.

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