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Natan Gipsman

Language: English

Biographical Information about Natan Gipsman

Born January 19, 1925
Hindenburg (Upper Silesia, Prussia), Germany
Date of Interview October 17, 1994
Location of Interview California, U.S.A.
Length of Interview 1:52:35
Ghetto(s) Bedzin (Poland: Ghetto)
Camp(s) Buchenwald (Germany: Concentration Camp)
Schönebeck (Germany: Concentration Camp)
Gross Rosen (Germany: Concentration Camp)
Blechhammer (Germany: Concentration Camp)
Sackenhoym (Germany: Concentration Camp)
Sakrau (Germany: Concentration Camp)
Other Experiences Hiding
Displaced persons camps
Forced march escapes
Types of Hiding Places Barns
Liberated by Soviet armed forces