Define ‘Curated’ Content

Review, overhaul and implement Production Work

  • Assess technical capacity (existing & future)
  • Create a ‘Production Workflow’ for testimony collection
    • Q&A Guidelines
    • All new testimonies
    • Pre-production

Oversee collection of New Dimensions in Testimony Production Program and Team

Assess the Marketplace for ‘Curated’ Content and Determine The Viability & Sustainability of Expansion

The Head of Programs is responsible for designing and delivering educator professional development programs and digital education products based on the strategic objectives of the Education Department. The candidate will have appropriate disciplinary expertise and will serve as a thought leader in this area. The candidate must demonstrate deep understanding and mastery of research-based pedagogical principles, curriculum design and assessment, as well as current trends in new media literacies and Holocaust and genocide studies. Classroom teaching experience is an asset.