Living Histories: Seven Stories from the Holocaust

Lesson By: USC Shoah Foundation
Grade Range: 9-12
Subjects Covered: History & Geography; Government & Civics; Religion; Psychology; Language Arts; Visual Arts

Vera Laska, Political Prisoner: Power of Resistance

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Vera Laska, Political Prisoner: Power of Resistance

Vera Laska

Language: English

Three years after Vera Laska joined the Czechoslovak underground railroad, she was arrested at the age of fifteen and sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau as a political prisoner.  Throughout her testimony, Vera engagingly describes her refusal to feel powerless despite overwhelming adversity. The lesson’s theme, Power of Resistance, examines the relationship between Vera’s beliefs and actions in her experiences during the Holocaust.

I saw the German army march in to my country. And it was heartbreaking; it was very heartbreaking because all these ideals that we grew up with, freedom, truth shall prevail, all that went down the drain.

—Vera Laska