Raoul Wallenberg

Lesson By: USC Shoah Foundation
Grade Range: 9-12
Subjects Covered: English, History, Social Studies

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Chapter 1: Life at Risk

Language: English

  • Chapter 1: Life at Risk

    Language: English

  • Chapter 2: Before the Persecution

    Language: English

  • Chapter 3: Raoul Wallenberg, Rescuer and Hero

    Language: English

  • Chapter 4: Raoul Wallenberg, the brother and the young man

    Language: English

2012 is the centenary of the birth of Raoul Wallenberg. For this occasion we developed rich and useful educational material for teachers using a personal approach and incorporating visual history testimony about Wallenberg, heroism, and the Holocaust.

The module reflects a pedagogical philosophy based upon the belief that knowledge is constructed in the classroom together with the students. So their everyday experience of life, media contents, and popular culture is a significant part of the educational process constituted by a cooperative approach. This pedagogical philosophy understands that value construction, ethical questions, and social competencies are just as important as other educational knowledge and skills.

“The testimony clips and the related educational materials lend themselves for use as supplementary educational material in class or in the frame of individual work. The students learn from direct sources about the events of the time in Hungary; they learn how survivors reflect on these events and most importantly on the activities of Raoul Wallenberg.”

—Education Research and Development Institute