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Shoah Foundation Announces Distribution of German-language CD-ROM to Bavarian Schools

Today, in a ceremony held at the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation,
together with the Bavarian Ministry for Culture and Education, announced the distribution of the German-language educational CD-ROM, Remembering: for the Present and the Future to Bavarian secondary schools.

This interactive educational tool, produced by the Shoah Foundation, encourages critical discussion of the Holocaust within a larger context of German history. The distribution of the CD-ROM to Bavarian schools will enable approximately one million students and 50,000 teachers access to this valuable material.

Today’s event marked the symbolic delivery of the CD-ROM to students by Monika Hohlmeier, Head of the Bavarian Ministry for Culture and Education. Students whose lives had been impacted by the CD-ROM gave testimonials about the compelling power of visual history and interactive learning. Other speakers included Professor Hubert Burda, Chairman of the Board, Burda Media; Philipp Graf von Hardenberg, Managing Director, Shoah Foundation Berlin; Wolf-Rudiger Feldmann, Managing Director, Cornelsen Verlags; Former State Minister Maurer.

In a videotaped message played at the event, Steven Spielberg, Founding Chairman of the Shoah Foundation, said, “Students in Bavaria will now have the opportunity to learn about this important part of history from people who actually lived through it. My dream has always been to put real faces, real voices, real experiences directly before this and future generations, so that they can learn how our very humanity depends on the practice of tolerance and mutual respect.”

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