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First Anniversary Conference of the Malach Center for Visual History at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

In 2010, the Malach Visual History Centre at Charles University became the first site in the Czech Republic where people can access the Visual History Archive.  This Friday, the university will mark the anniversary by welcoming academicians and officials from across the Czech Republic. Contributors will discuss the history of the project, an evaluation of the first year of work of the Malach Centre for Visual History, and possibilities of using archival material in educational practice and other associated topics.

The program of the 1st Anniversary Conference will include:

  • Introduction by a representative of Charles University
  • Jan Hajic, "History of the Malach Project"
  • Martin Smok, "Using Visual History in Education"
  • Jakub Mlynar, "Malach Centre for Visual History and plans for the future"
  • Scientific contribution, Marek Vacha, "The danger of modern eugenics: ...we should not repeat history"
  • Press conference
  • Michal Frankl from the Jewish Museum of Prague, "Oral History and the preservation of memory of Czech Jews"
  • Milan Hes, "Didactic aspects of historical memory of the Holocaust"
  • A teacher and pupils present the results of the Lost neighbors project in Rakovnik region
  • Attendees will have the opportunity to visit the Malach Visual History Centre and search the Visual History Archive