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First Quarter of 2013 Shows Increases in USC Shoah Foundation’s Academic, Media and Educational Outreach

Over the last three months, USC Shoah Foundation has increased its presence in academia, schools and on the web, according to its latest Institute Statistics report.

During the first fiscal quarter of 2013 (July-Sept), four new universities and museums began the process of subscribing to the Visual History Archive which, when completed, will bring the total number of sites around the world with full Visual History Archive access to 48.

Twelve courses were taught using the Visual History Archive at universities around the world, including eight at USC. Scholars cited the Visual History Archive in 21 new books and articles.

The USC Shoah Foundation website saw 150,320 visitors, an increase of 41,669 over the previous quarter. It gained 246 new Facebook friends and 232 Twitter followers. The number of views of testimony videos on USC Shoah Foundation’s YouTube channel jumped 5,136 from the previous quarter to 45,065.

Thirty-five testimonies from the Visual History Archive were added to IWitness, USC Shoah Foundation’s educational website, bringing the total number of testimonies in IWitness to 1,356. Four hundred sixty-nine teachers registered on IWitness along with 1,197 students; they hail from 52 countries, nine of which have never used IWitness before.