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IWitness Video Editor Upgraded with New Languages and Features

As IWitness’s community of users continues to grow, its technical specifications are upgraded to meet their needs. Students and teachers will find new features in IWitness’s video editor that will help streamline the process of constructing a video in IWitness.

IWitness’s embedded video editor, WeVideo, can now be viewed in 18 languages, including Japanese, French, Hungarian, Russian and more. The new languages will support the 21,000 students and 5,700 educators in 58 countries who use IWitness in their schools and learning environments.

WeVideo also made other changes to improve the user experience. There is a new sorting system with folders that students can use to organize their clips, photos and other video elements while they work, and an easier way to access clips they have collected from testimonies. In addition, there are new themes that students can use to design their films.

Students in the United States and Canada can use the IWitness video editor to enter the 2015 IWitness Video Challenge, which asks them to be inspired by testimony to create positive change in their community and document their experience in a short video. The deadline to submit to the contest is May 8, 2015.