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IWitness Webinar Thurs., Sept. 17 and First-Ever IWitness Twitter Chat Sept. 23

Educators have two opportunities to learn about IWitness along with fellow teachers over the next two weeks.

First, the next monthly IWitness webinar will be on Thursday, Sept. 17 at 4 p.m. PST. The topic of this month’s webinar is Exploring Information Quest Activities.

Educators will become familiar with the scope and sequence of Information Quest activities. Participants will learn how to customize a published Information Quest activity and use the Information Quest template to build their own activity. RSVP to

The webinar will provide advice and insight about IWitness that educators might not discover on their own. Many users simply scratch the surface of what the website is capable of – only using the clips they can find on IWitness’s Watch page, for example. The webinar may also be particularly useful for educators who aren’t able to attend an in-person workshop or training session.

Teachers also have another unique opportunity to engage with fellow IWitness users in real time. Next Wednesday, Sept. 23, USC Shoah Foundation’s IWitness Twitter account will host its first ever #IWitnessChat on Twitter.

Join the conversation about using Information Quests in your classroom by simply logging into Twitter at 4 p.m. PST/ 7 p.m. EST and sending tweets with #IWitnessChat. Meet fellow IWitness educators, ask questions directly to the IWitness team and join the IWitness community.

The chat will be moderated by @USCIWitness.