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Echoes and Reflections Debuts New Self-Guided Online Professional Development Course

Educators can now register for Echoes and Reflections’ first-ever self-guided online professional development class.

Echoes and Reflections’ other online professional development programs are guided by an Echoes and Reflections-trained moderator and are organized into three modules that must be started and completed on a weekly basis for one month. There are two-part webinars, three hours total, as well as three-part webinars which are six hours total.

The self-guided class, however, can be completed at the learner’s own pace over about three hours. It is free and registration is open to anyone.

This program introduces learners to classroom-ready comprehensive print and online resources, sound pedagogy for teaching about the Holocaust and instructional pathways to help students learn about the complex history of the Holocaust.

It covers background information on the history of antisemitism and strategies to incorporate a range of primary sources, including visual history testimony, in classroom instruction.

Participants will explore classroom-ready multimedia resources and technologies for use in 21st century classrooms and learn effective teaching strategies to support students’ critical thinking and understanding of the history of the Holocaust and how it relates to difficult issues they face today.

Educators also learn how to tap into USC Shoah Foundation’s repository of visual history testimony offering first-hand accounts from survivors, liberators, and other witnesses of the Holocaust. Upon completion, participants receive a print-version of the Echoes and Reflections Teacher’s Resource Guide and a certificate of completion.