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70 Stories of Auschwitz

Day 10 of 70 Days of Testimony: Lilli Weismann on surviving Auschwitz with her sisters

Language: English

Lilli Weismann describes the hardship she faced in Auschwitz and how hopeless she felt. Lilli remembers how one her sisters inspired to keep living as the girls gathered as much food as possible. This is the 10th testimony clip in the series 70 Days of Testimony: Leading up to the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz.

  • "Concentration Camps" or "Labor Camps" were facilities in which people were incarcerated on the basis of their political and/or religious beliefs or ethnicity, usually without regard to due process.

  • This theme focuses on how the Nazis forced large numbers of Jews into restricted housing areas, often enforced with walls, fences, and/or guard towers. Movement in and out of the ghettos was strictly controlled and violation was punishable by death.

  • These testimony segments focus on physical concealment (as an individual or part of a family) to avoid ghettoization, incarceration, deporation, or other forms of persecution

  • These testimony segments focus on descriptions of home life, family events, religious observances, and education before the occurrence of genocide.