Julia Lentini on Love

In this clip, Sinti-Roma survivor Julia Lentini speaks about recovering her capacity to love again after surviving the Holocaust.

"I thought I wasn't capable of loving anybody, anymore, and I really didn't think there was a god. It wasn't that much of a deal to me, but I didn't pray anymore because I didn't think, I always said to myself, "There can't be a god." Cause the god I was taught wouldn't let that happen. Innocent people, innocent children, innocent... it's a murder thing, it's a terrible thing. And it can't be, and I didn't think I could love anybody. I didn't trust anybody, I didn't trust anybody. Even my husband, took a long...that's why, and he understood this, because he knew right away that I was in a camp and he understood that. No, I did not. He was kind, and it took him a little time, and you know I have to tell you I was no big love at first sight, but this grew in, you know we are married over 50 years. It's about 50 years now. And it just grew into it, if that's what you call love then it grew into it. And I had to learn to trust people again and accept that this was a certain time in my life. And that should never happen that life again, never never, to anyone, not even to the dogs, never mind the human beings, the dignity."

Language: English