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And the winner of the 2013 Student Voices Film Competition is...

…Cecilia De Jesus' short film, "Where is my Home?" Using sand animation and footage from Vera Gissing's testimony, De Jesus tells a compelling story about the Kindertransport through the eyes of a girl.

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Going Against the Grain

What can the Institute’s Visual History Archive teach us about other mediations of the Holocaust: how survivors tell their stories, how life performance and other media shape their narratives, or even how humor figures into remembrance?

Institute Senior Fellow and Rutgers professor, Jeffrey Schandler discusses these questions with examples from the Institute's archive.

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The Night of Broken Glass

The Kristallnacht Pogrom was an organized pogrom against Jews in Germany and Austria that occurred on November 9–10, 1938. Kristallnacht is also known as the November Pogrom, "Night of Broken Glass," and "Crystal Night."

In partnership with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Institute has an online exhibit using footage of witness testimony recalling Kristallnacht.

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