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Bad Practices

Roma children in Slovakia © Amnesty International

Slovakia – Special Schools

"What does 'special school' mean to you?" "Special school means the Gypsy school."
(A 12-year-old Roma girl who attends the special primary school in Pavlovce nad Uhom, Slovakia)

In Slovakia, thousands of Roma girls and boys are not receiving the same education as their non-Roma peers: they are enrolled in classes and schools for children with "mild mental disabilities" even when they do not need any assistance or special education, or they attend standard classes and schools, but are segregated for ethnic reasons.

Violations of the right to education in Eastern Europe. Due to their inadequate literacy and the incomplete, low-quality education they receive, Roma people in Europe achieve a lower level of educational attainment than the average non-Roma European. Many Roma children suffer widespread violations of their right to education: this includes the right to free-of-charge and compulsory primary education and equal access to secondary, technical, professional and higher education... continued. Source: Amnesty International.

Romani pupils in a special class designed for pupils with "mild mental disabilities" at the elementary school of Plavecký Štvrtok, Slovakia, February 2010.
© Amnesty International

Slovakia: The segregation of Roma children in Slovak schools. Slovakia: stop Roma children’s segregation in schools
The discriminatory attitude to Roma people that is deeply seated in the Slovak educational system has determined situations in which, from nursery school onwards, Roma children sometimes remain segregated in separate classrooms, corridors or buildings and are separated from non-Roma pupils even during school meals... continued.
Source: Amnesty International.

The story of Jakub (2010) "They made me an idiot"
Jakub is 16 years old and lives with his family in the settlement on the outskirts of Roma Plavecký Štvrtok, a village 20 km north of Bratislava. His story is the same as thousands of Romani children in Slovakia, which were wrongly assigned to the educational system of inferior quality... read more. Source: Amnesty International.

Amnesty International Report. Liberate their future. Enough with the segregation of Roma children in Slovak schools.

“We want to be with white children” (subtitles in Italian and English).


Bus line 40 - Report sulla scolarizzazione dei minori Rom a Roma [‘Report on the school attendance of Roma minors in Rome’] (2011), Associazione 21 luglio, 2001.

The Report describes the educational achievements of a group of Roma children living in a so-called "equipped village" in Rome, following the implementation of the Nomads Plan.

The authors of the Report, Associazione 21 luglio, focus their study on the organization and implementation of the official schooling project enacted in the school year 2010-2011 for the 55 Roma pupils who used the schoolbus line 40.


Line 40, the ‘Roma-only’ schoolbus– Rome, Italy—Associazione 21 luglio

Pamela: kids’ rights - Roma, Italia - Associazione 21 luglio

From the Barbiana school project to the "nomad camp": Roma children and school attendance - Rome, Italy - Associazione 21 luglio