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Social Inclusion - The Right to an Education


In Europe

• The Roma in Europe are a young population.

• 42%  of Roma minors in Europe complete primary school (Source: EU).

• 10%  of Roma minors in Europe attend secondary school (Source: EU).

• 64%  of Roma girls in Eastern Europe are enrolled in primary schools (Source: UNICEF).

• 50-80% of Roma minors in Eastern Europe attend 'special schools' (Source: Council of Europe).

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In Italy

Statistics on the school attendance of Roma and Sinti minors in Italy vary considerably according to the source.

• 60% of Roma and Sinti minors in Italy are under 18 years of age.

• 19.2% of Roma and Sinti minors in Italy are illiterate (Source: EU Inclusive).

• In 14% of Roma families in Italy at least one child is an early school leaver; the figure rises to 23% in "irregular" camps, while it stands at 12% for children living "regular" camps, and 7% at home (Source: EU Inclusive).

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Education, a path to emancipation

The story of Marius, a 16-year-old Roma boy from Romania

• Eva Rizzin, an Italian Sinti with a Ph.D. in Geopolitics, writes:
“Schooling is most certainly the key to the future emancipation of younger Roma and Sinti generations, and it is all too well known that the low level of schooling of many Roma and Sinti in Europe currently represents the chief obstacle to their access to employment...” Continue reading...

(E. Rizzin, L’antiziganismo in Italia e in Europa ['Anti-Gypsyism in Italy and in Europe'], in G. Loy, R. Cherchi, Rom e sinti in Italia ['The Roma and Sinti people in Italy'], Ediesse publishers, Rome, 2009).



Bad Practices

• Italy: a Roma-only schoolbus. "Bus line 40 – Report on the school attendance of Roma minors in Rome" (2011), by Associazione 21 luglio.

• Slovakia: special schools. Thousands of Roma girls and boys are enrolled in classes and schools for children with "mild mental disabilities"...

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Good Practices

Projects promoting the right to education:

• Right to education, right to the future: A model project by the Community of Saint Egidio – Rome and Naples, Italy.

• Promociona...  Fundación Secretariado Gitano, Spain.

• Improving educational ...  A UK Government project.

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