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Who are They - Where are they from? - The Name


Where are they from?

• The origin of Roma and Sinti people:  India? Pakistan? Punjab?

• 1110-1300 Byzantine Empire. Dialects of the Romani cˇhib language.

• 15th century throughout Europe.

• 19th century Westbound migration from the Balkans.

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Their Name: Roma? Sinti? Gypsy?

• "Roma" and "Gypsy": These are not the same thing and they are not synonyms.

• "Roma" is what the Roma call themselves, and it means 'man'.

• "Gypsy" is a derogatory, disparaging and offensive term.

• "Gadjo" is the Romani word for a non-Roma.

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Who says they're nomads?


• "Nomadic":This used to be a lifestyle of those Roma who engaged in certain crafts and professions, including circus performers.

• Today: 85-90% of Europe’s Roma and Sinti people ceased to be nomadic a long time ago.

• Often it is institutions that use the word “nomads” to define the Roma.

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Italy, the country of "nomad camps"


• Nomad camps: In the period after World War Two, many Italian cities chose to create "nomad camps."

• 40,000 Roma and Sinti people are currently living in "nomad camps" throughout Italy.

• Nomad camps often become virtually ghettoes, with tough social and living conditions.

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